ABOUT VizarShield™

The VizarShield™ is the most comfortable face shield on the market. It weighs only 1 ounce. It is one size fits all as it can be worn comfortably by someone as large as Shaquille O'Neal or as small as a 3 year old child. It was originally developed in 1988 for dental use and has been used in dental offices ever since. It can be worn while wearing eyeglasses or even loupes.

It can even be worn over a baseball cap for use in stadium settings. This patent pending headband utilizes a cool and comfortable material to secure a clear plastic shield in an almost infinite variety of positions.


This most comfortable and cool feeling headband is easily affixed to any size or shape head. It’s new proprietary design is a patent pending improvement to our original patent issued in 1988. This design allows a snug secure fit with none of the pressure points that cause headaches in so many of the other face shield designs. This soft high tensile strength fabric securely mounts our VizarShield™ face shield in a multitude of positions depending on the users needs and desires. The shield can be mounted close to the face or further from the face depending on the users preference. The VizarShield™ can be mounted angled up to allow the user to eat or have a sip of water or angled down to better protect the neck. You are the one who gets to select how you would like to wear the VizarShield™. Most people leave a little open space at the forehead for better heat dissipation.


Our face shield can be reused over and over many times. In dental or hospital use the shield must only be used on one patient at a time unless it has been cleaned and disinfected prior to it’s subsequent use. In order to increase efficiency in healthcare settings we recommend at least 2 shields be kept in each treatment room to allow for removal and timely cleaning and disinfection of any used shield.

Fully Adjustable Headband

Head bands do not normally need to be removed and cleaned unless a surgical wardrobe change is required, the patient underwent a coughing or sneezing fit, when a known infectious patient is be cared for or if the headband has become soiled. The headband can be laundered and reused many times. If the attachment comes off the end of the headband there are extras supplied with all complete face shield orders. They can easily be applied to the slick side of the headband if needed. You can easily get over 100 uses of each VizarShield™ headband and each VizarShield™ shield with proper care.